On the homefront

On the homefront
On the homefront...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

also!  I see the questions that a few folks have posted... I will answer them soon if I can figure out how to do that individually, or will just post the answers in another blog session.  Especially Dani-- sorry I've delayed so so long!
A peek into the greenhouse going-ons... every month I've been hosting a Farmer's Market event-- a chance for folks to taste some fresh goodies while chatting and relaxing in the chamber.  Among the offerings have been Mango-Sweet Pepper-Cilantro salsa; various pestos made from chard (silver beet), radish leaf, and arugula;dill/chive goat cheese spread topped with radish or cucumber slices; hibiscus-lemon balm spritzer; Italian-style pico de gallo (with tomatoes, bell peppers, scallions, and basil instead of cilantro/tomato)... pretty yummy if I do say so myself.  Here are some nice shots of our recent gatherings...
Folks enjoying the humidity and goodies!

Mashing mint and lemon balm to add that fresh pizazz to the hibiscus spritzer.
Strawberries!  My personal feeling of success this season...

Robert in the strawberry zone.

Me very happy about the huge luscious sweet juicy berries.

Back to Farmer's Market goodies-- silver beet pesto, mango-pepper-cilantro salsa, and cucumber-topped chive-goat cheese spread.  Y.U.M.

Our cute radish crop.

More goodies-- arugula pesto, pico de gallo italian style, and dill-radish-goat cheese spread.  No we don't have goats to milk but how cool would it be if we did?!